Treat your rug to the pampering it deserves

Geelong Rug Spa

Rug Washing Service for Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast

Your rug is more than a floor covering.

It’s the cosy feeling you get when you experience the soft fibres beneath your feet.

It’s art that adds depth and character to a room.

It’s the warm shield that softens a cold floor.

It’s both a showpiece and a comfort.

Over time, your rug takes a beating.

It handles feet, food, dust, dirt, moisture, and every other microscopic particle that gets trapped within the fibres, taking away its vibrancy and full potential.

Geelong Rug Spa are the trusted local rug cleaning specialists that give your rug the detailed care and luxurious pampering it deserves to smell, look, and feel divine.

Using highly specialised equipment imported from Turkey in a state-of-the-art facility, we pride ourselves on transforming a rug from deflated to rejuvenated and giving you the VIP treatment every step of the way.

geelong rug spa rug underlay and rug pads

Rug underlay & rug pads


Rug underlay and rug pads are the accessories you never knew you needed until you experience them. We provide the best underlay or rug pad for your rug to reduce slipping, protect your floors, and give you that incredible cushioned feeling your feet will adore.


geelong rug spa rug repairs and restorations geelong

Rug repairs & restorations


Your favourite rug has seen better days – it’s frayed, torn, chewed, or even missing some fringe. Don’t send it to its final resting place just yet. We examine the damage, formulate a plan, and help repair and restore it to its former glory.