Carpet Moth & Pest Treatments

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The idea of carpet moths (namely Tineola bisselliella and Tinea pellionella), fleas and other pests in your rug makes you shudder.

A lot of these pests can be extremely small and, in some cases, microscopic.

So, while things seem normal on the surface, beneath those fibre levels can be an unseen breeding ground for creepy crawlies infesting and laying their larvae to make a meal of your rug.

They don’t stop there.

Once they have made a mess of your rug, they will move to the next best thing such as your carpets, clothes, and other textiles around the house.

These pests can also be hazardous for your health as they leave behind their droppings and casings that get stirred up with dust and enter your home’s atmosphere.

How do you know if you have carpet moth or other pests?

Carpet moths are visible at adult size, and their larvae (1-2mm size) can be spotted with close inspection, but typically, once you spot an adult carpet moth, they have already laid eggs, produced larvae, and infested your rug to begin the damage. They can usually be spotted by a professional if your rug is routinely washed.

Other pests such as carpet beetles, silverfish, and mites might leave clues such as shell casings, droppings, patches of fading and/or small holes in your rug.

Why your rug needs professional pest treatment and washing

Simply put, pests left undetected and untreated will almost invariably destroy your rug.

Prevention is the best course of action in having your rug routinely washed and treated.

If that can’t happen, we will treat them at the source and stop them in their tracks with professional materials and industry techniques.