Maintenance Care & Fibre Protection

geelong rug spa maintenance care and fibre protection

Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula

Imagine if you only cleaned your rug once in its entire lifespan.

It wouldn’t look very inviting and would waft a less than desirable smell.

Your rug deserves regular yearly pampering and visits to Geelong Rug Spa to help it be its best self and allow you to keep showing it off.

Maintenance care for your rug

Your rug’s material type, location, and frequency of use will all determine what level of pampering it needs and how often it needs it.

Regular maintenance care for your rug will help to:

  • Thoroughly remove the build-up of dust, hair, skin particles, and dirt laying deep within your rug
  • Help fight against pest infestations in your rug
  • Help to keep it smelling fresh
  • Keep it from fading and reduce colour loss
  • Help to keep it hygienic and clean
  • Help inspire a feeling of satisfaction every time you walk in the room
  • Prolong its lifespan

Rug fibre protection

It’s often said that prevention is the best cure - this saying is also true for your rug.

Once your rug has been treated to our luxury spa experience, investing in fibre protection helps safeguard all that hard work by providing an extra barrier to repel spills, stains, and soiling.

Fibre protection acts as an invisible barricade that allows moisture, grime, and other soils which allow them to bead on the surface of your rug’s fibres, giving you enough time to clean them up before they absorb into your rug.

It’s an investment that could save your rug’s life one day.