Our Rug Cleaning Process

Learn how we get your rug looking as good as new!
Check out our process to completing the best rug cleaning in Geelong.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Learn how we get your rug looking as good as new!
Check out our process to completing the best rug cleaning in Geelong.


Check out this Short Video and see our Complete Rug Cleaning Process

Every rug we clean is treated with the upmost care so they will last for generations. Check out our state-of-the-art rug cleaning process – unique to Geelong Rug Spa, to give you the best results possible!


Our Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Inspection

During this stage, we meticulously examine the rug for any pre-existing conditions such as stains, discoloration, odours, worn areas, and structural damage like tears or frayed edges. We also identify the rug’s fibre composition, which is essential for selecting the appropriate cleaning method and products.

We take detailed documentation, including photographs and notes, to track the rug’s condition before and after cleaning. This critical and careful inspection not only ensures optimal cleaning results but also preserves the rug’s integrity and longevity.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

The dry soil removal stage of rug washing is essential for eliminating loose dirt and debris embedded in the rug’s fibers. This process involves thorough vacuuming and the use of our specialised equipment like our strap dusting machine or compressed air dusting, which vibrate and dislodge soil particles without damaging the rug.

Removing dry soil before immersion washing is crucial, as it prevents dirt from turning into mud and becoming much more difficult to remove during washing. Effective dry soil removal enhances the overall cleaning process, leading to a deeper clean and extending the rug’s lifespan.

Step 3: Pretreatment & Soaking

This stage involves addressing specific stains and heavily soiled areas. In this stage, specialised cleaning agents are applied to spots and stains to loosen and break down dirt, oils, and residues. The rug is then soaked in water or a cleaning solution, allowing the pretreatment chemicals to penetrate the fibers and dislodge embedded contaminants. This is where we treat our urine contaminated rugs.

This stage not only helps in effectively removing stubborn stains but also ensures that the subsequent washing stages can achieve a more thorough and uniform clean. By softening and loosening grime, pretreatment and soaking enhances the overall cleaning effectiveness.

Step 4: Washing - Through Our Automated Machine or Handwashed on our Wash Floor

The washing stage is when the rug has the main cleaning detergent applied to the rug and is thoroughly agitated, either by hand, mechanical agitation or through our automated washing machine. This gets the detergent deep into the fibres and foundation of the rug dislodging any imbedded soiling.

The rug is then rinsed with high pressure water getting deep into the rug. This is the best way for us to clean fringes, resulting in super clean, bright white fringes.


Step 5: Thorough Rinsing

After the washing process, the rug is rinsed multiple times with clean water to ensure that no soiling or detergents remain in the fibres, which could attract more dirt over time. This step involves our gentle flood rinsing techniques using high volumes of water flushing through your rug.

Effective rinsing restores the rug’s natural texture and vibrancy, leaving it free of contaminants and cleaning solutions. Ensuring a thorough rinse is essential for the rug’s longevity and overall appearance, as it prevents any potential residue-related issues.

Step 6: Centrifugal Wringing

Buckle up! In this process, the rug is placed in our specialised rug centrifuge that rapidly spins it, using centrifugal force to extract water from the fibres without causing damage. This method is highly effective at reducing drying time (to less than 12 hours!) and preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

By minimizing the rug’s moisture content quickly and thoroughly, the centrifugal wringing stage ensures that your rug retains its shape and texture, setting the stage for the final drying phase.

Step 7: Drying

After excess water is removed through centrifugal wringing, the rug is placed into our state-of-the-art drying room where temperature, humidity, and airflow are carefully regulated. This controlled environment prevents issues such as shrinkage, color bleeding, browning and the growth of mold or mildew.

By using dehumidifiers, fans, and sometimes gentle heat, the rug is dried efficiently and safely, maintaining its original texture and vibrant colors. Climate-controlled drying not only speeds up the drying process but also ensures that your rug is returned to its optimal condition, ready for use.

Step 8: Detailing & Finishing

During this stage, any remaining spots are treated, fringes are carefully cleaned and straightened, and the rug is groomed to ensure the fibres lay correctly. During this stage, if requested, we can also apply fibre protectors to protect the rug against future spills and stains.

Your rug is then thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards, addressing any minor repairs if needed. This detailed finishing process not only enhances your rug’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures it is in top condition, ready to be returned to its owner.


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