Pet Urine Decontamination

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It’s happened to the best of us.

That moment when your heart sinks as you discover your furry family member has relieved themselves on your rug.

Your rug might look stained, discoloured, and cause the entire room to smell embarrassingly unpleasant.

Your next steps are crucial to your rug’s survival and should never involve any cocktail of household cleaning products that will only cause further damage.

How can pet urine damage a rug?

In more ways than you realise.

Pet urine can:

  • Leave permanent and irreparable stains on your rug’s pile, backing, weave, or rug foundation
  • Cause discolouration and colour bleeding in your rug’s dyes
  • Emit a strong and unpleasant odour that can quickly overpower a room
  • Grow and spread bacteria that can cause other complications
  • Seep through to your floor and cause damage and rot to your floor’s surface

Why you should get pet urine dealt with by a rug washing professional

The process of identifying, treating, and removing pet urine from a rug is a delicate operation using a combination of professional equipment and specialised chemicals that flush the urine, kill the bacteria and odour, and rectify stains and discolouration.

Your rug needs full submersion washing only possible through off-site cleaning at a facility to treat the contamination properly and thoroughly.

The faster you get your rug to us; the more successful the results are likely to be.