Silk Rug Cleaning

Our Silk Rug Cleaning techniques effectively clean your rug and remove stains and odours.
Your rug will come back to you refreshed, looking smelling and feeling brand new!

Silk Rug Cleaning

Our Silk Rug Cleaning techniques effectively clean your rug and remove stains and odours.
Your rug will come back to you refreshed, looking smelling and feeling brand new!


Cleaning Your Silk Rug

Due to their unique dyes and natural fibres, Silk rugs require gentle, specialised care to avoid damage. Our skilled team cleans your rug with care to maintain the rug’s vibrant colors and intricate patterns, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your home for years to come.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Our experts look after your silk rug, cleaning it as if it was our own, using our specialised immersion washing process. Your rug will come back cleaner than ever before!

Silk Rug Stain Treatment

Have a unsightly stain on your silk rug? Coffee, wine, paint, slime and food stains are stains that we treat regularly! Don't try bicarb or vinegar, leave it to our expert team.

Silk Rug Pet Urine Removal

Has your dog or cat been using your silk rug as a toilet? We can flush all that away and get your rug smelling amazing again!

Silk Rug Fibre Protection

Once your rug is clean, our team can apply a protector to your rug to avoid those nasty spills and stains, and even UV fading & damage!

Silk Rug Dye Run Removal

Did you get a liquid spill on your silk rug? Have the dyes moved where they shouldn't? Our team are specially trained to be able to deal with removing fugitive dyes!

Silk Rug Blood Removal

Have you cut yourself or bled on your silk rug? Blood can be a tricky stain to clean up. Leave it to our expert team to clean up!


Leave Your Silk Rug With The Experts

Check out our thorough process to get your rugs looking cleaner than ever!
We aren’t carpet cleaners, this is rug washing! – a more thorough clean for your rug.
From pickup to delivery, we’ve got you covered.


We inspect your Silk rug's size and condition to see how to best clean your rug.

Dry Soil Removal

We vacuum and dust your Silk rug to remove as much soiling before washing.


Your Silk rug is washed with our automated washing machine or washed on our wash floor.


We wring your Silk rug in our centrifuge and hung in our climate controlled drying room.


Any final stains and spots are treated and removed from your Silk rug before it is returned to you!


Find Out Why We are Considered the #1 Silk Rug Cleaning Professionals in Geelong

Getting your rug cleaned shouldn’t be a hassle. Whenever you have your rug cleaned by Geelong Rug Spa, you can rest easy that your rug is in capable hands. Our team have many years of experience in the rug washing and carpet cleaning industry, as well as ensuring that we keep up to date with all new cleaning methods, equipment and techniques.

Along with this experience and skill, our team are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment imported directly from Turkey, the home of rugs.


Ready to Get Your Silk Rug Cleaned?

Request a Free Quote

We will give you a rug cleaning quote based on a few different factors, including rug size, fibre, condition and treatments needed.

Schedule Pick-up or Drop-off

Once your quote is confirmed, you can either drop off your silk rug to our washing facility, or use our complimentary pick-up and delivery service!


Relax as our skilled technicians pamper your silk rug, removing all the dirt and odours, getting your rug looking refreshed for you to enjoy again.

Delivery or Collection

Once your silk rug is cleaned, it is ready for collection. Our turnaround is usually 7 days from pick-up to delivery. Make the most of our complimentary delivery service!



Are You Ready to Enjoy a Fresh, Clean Silk Rug?

We treat your rugs and carpets like our own, so you can trust that you will get the deepest clean with the most care. We ensure that your rug will be cared for by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Your rug will come back looking better, feeling softer and smelling better than ever before!

No need to settle for a carpet cleaner anymore – Choose Geelong Rug Spa, Geelong’s only dedicated rug cleaning service!

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