Rug-ucation! (Rug Education)

Do you want to learn more about rug cleaning? Have a quick question you need answered?
Or maybe just want to watch a few videos?

Rug-ucation! (Rug Education)

Do you want to learn more about rug cleaning? Have a quick question you need answered?
Or maybe just want to watch a few videos?


Want to Learn More About Rugs?

Whether you’re asking ‘What type of rug would best suit my home?’ or ‘How often should I get my rug cleaned?’, we’ve got the answers! We want to share our rug cleaning expertise with you!


Have a Quick Question?

There is a massive difference between a rug cleaner and a carpet cleaner. When you have a carpet cleaner clean your rug at your house, they only clean the surface of the rug. This surface clean will leave dirt, germs, bacteria and other nasties deep down in the rug and also in the backing of the rug. There is also the issue with drying and should a rug be left wet on a wooden floor or carpet for too long it can cause damage to your floors.

Rug washing is a comprehensive clean of your rug. We wash the rug out completely, removing 100% of the contaminants from the front, back, sides and deep down in the foundations. The rug is also dried by our skilled technicians in our state of the art drying room which gives us much more control over how long it dries for. We then also have the opportunity to inspect the rug after cleaning should any detailing or additional stain treatments be required.

Rug cleaners are just that, We only clean rugs! We know the ins and out’s of every different kind of rug and how to clean it safely and effectively.

We also have a dedicated rug washing facility that has all of the specialised equipment, tools and space available to deliver the best results possible.

Absolutely! We specialise in urine stain treatment and neutralisation. Because we wash the rug out completely, We are able to 100% remove the odours and any associated germs and bacteria that go with it.

Our rug cleaning costs vary depending on the size and what sort of material or fibre it is made of. Please fill out our enquiry form and one of our friendly team would be more than happy to assist with giving you a quote!

Rug cleaning isn’t a fast process and honestly, it shouldn’t be! We like to take our time to ensure that your rug is truly as clean and presents as best as it can. Our process generally takes 5-7 working days from the time we receive it.

Carpet Cleaners are normally quite knowledgeable at cleaning carpets, That being said they mostly do not understand the care and steps that are required to clean rugs safely. 

As mentioned above they only surface clean the rug, and once they are gone they have no control over the results after the rug dries. It may be left wet for days on your floor which can cause secondary damage to your flooring or even the rug that was just cleaned.


Check Out Our Videos & Photos

Want to see rugs that we have cleaned? Before and after photos as well as in action videos are here for you to watch! Be careful, they’re addictive to watch.


About Our Team

Our skilled team has the knowledge and experience to be able to clean just about any rug!
Whether its a delicate hand made persian rug or a machine made polypropylene rug with pet urine, our team can help! Couple that with years of professional customer service and we will ensure you have the best experience with Geelong Rug Spa.

Louise - Rug Cleaner & Customer Service
Laurence - Lead Rug Cleaner & Owner


Leave Your Rug With The Experts

Check out our thorough process to get your rugs looking cleaner than ever!
We aren’t carpet cleaners, this is rug washing! – a more thorough clean for your rug.
From pickup to delivery, we’ve got you covered.


We inspect your rug's size and condition to see how to best clean your rug.

Dry Soil Removal

We vacuum and dust your rug to remove as much soiling before washing.


Your rug is washed with our automated washing machine or washed on our wash floor.


We wring your rug in our centrifuge and hung in our climate controlled drying room.


Any final stains and spots are treated and removed from your rug before it is returned to you!


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Are You Ready to Enjoy a Fresh, Clean Rug?

We treat your rugs and carpets like our own, so you can trust that you will get the deepest clean with the most care. We ensure that your rug will be cared for by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Your rug will come back looking better, feeling softer and smelling better than ever before!

No need to settle for a carpet cleaner anymore – Choose Geelong Rug Spa, Geelong’s only dedicated rug cleaning service!

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