Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find all our frequently asked questions here! We are always adding new questions all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find all our frequently asked questions here! We are always adding new questions all the time.


General Questions

The cost to clean your rug can vary depending on many different variables, including fibre type, size of your rug, condition of your rug, as well as the different treatments that are needed to clean your rug correctly. This can include pet urine, stain and odour treatments, other stain treatments, dye stabilising and mordant applications.

Generally speaking, more delicate, authentic persian and oriental rugs are more difficult to clean and require greater expertise as well time taken to clean safely. 

Give us a call or fill out our ‘Request a Quote‘ form to get a free quote to clean your rug!

Rug washing is a delicate process. We take our time to thoroughly inspect, wash, dry and finish your rug and make sure that we get the best result for you. Most rugs take 7 days to be cleaned.

If you have your rug picked up and delivered by us, 7 days is our regular turnaround. If you drop off your rug to our factory, our turnaround may take as little as 4 days or up to 10 days.

Absolutely! We offer a complimentary pickup and delivery service across Geelong, Torquay/Jan Juc and the Bellarine Peninsula. If our delivery or pickup times don’t suit, we also offer drop off and collection from our factory in Breakwater.

Having an appointment to drop your rug off to our facility is the best way to ensure a smooth cleaning experience.

Before we book in an appointment to drop off your rug, we will give you an indicative quote to the cost for washing your rug. That means that there’s no bill shock when you arrive!

We accept cash, bank deposit and credit cards (surcharge applies). We’re also able to process credit cards over the phone.


Rug Cleaning Questions

Our rug cleaning process requires us to take your rug away to our dedicated rug washing facility! We can always get the best results for you and your rug when we clean your rug offsite, rather than bringing a steam cleaning unit (like carpet cleaners do) into your home. Our immersion washing technique is impossible to complete in your home.

Another benefit of taking your rug away is that we don’t damage your flooring in the process of cleaning your rug! 
Your rug will come back perfectly dry and ready for use again.

Generally we recommend having your rug cleaned every 12-18 months to ensure that your rug stays in tip-top condition.

Definitely! We have a range of cleaning techniques to suit all types of rugs, including hand woven rugs, shag pile rugs, cowhide, silk, wool and more!

We haven’t come across a rug that we can’t clean yet!

There is a massive difference between a rug cleaner and a carpet cleaner. When you have a carpet cleaner clean your rug at your house, they only clean the surface of the rug. This surface clean will leave dirt, germs, bacteria and other nasties deep down in the rug and also in the backing of the rug. There is also the issue with drying and should a rug be left wet on a wooden floor or carpet for too long it can cause damage to your floors.

Rug washing is a comprehensive clean of your rug. We wash the rug out completely, removing 100% of the contaminants from the front, back, sides and deep down in the foundations. The rug is also dried by our skilled technicians in our state of the art drying room which gives us much more control over how long it dries for. We then also have the opportunity to inspect the rug after cleaning should any detailing or additional stain treatments be required.

Rug cleaners are just that, We only clean rugs! We know the ins and out’s of every different kind of rug and how to clean it safely and effectively.

We also have a dedicated rug washing facility that has all of the specialised equipment, tools and space available to deliver the best results possible.

Absolutely! We specialise in urine stain treatment and neutralisation. Because we wash the rug out completely, We are able to 100% remove the odours and any associated germs and bacteria that go with it.

Cleaning a rug can be a difficult task without the proper rug cleaning equipment and knowledge. 


Ready to Get Your Rug Cleaned?

Request a Free Quote

We will give you a rug cleaning quote based on a few different factors, including rug size, fibre, condition and treatments needed.

Schedule Pick-up or Drop-off

Once your quote is confirmed, you can either drop off your rug to our washing facility, or use our complimentary pick-up and delivery service!


Relax as our skilled technicians pamper your rug, removing all the dirt and odours, getting your rug looking refreshed for you to enjoy again.

Delivery or Collection

Once your rug is cleaned, it is ready for collection. Our turnaround is usually 7 days from pick-up to delivery. Make the most of our complimentary delivery service!



Are You Ready to Enjoy a Fresh, Clean Rug?

We treat your rugs and carpets like our own, so you can trust that you will get the deepest clean with the most care. We ensure that your rug will be cared for by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Your rug will come back looking better, feeling softer and smelling better than ever before!

No need to settle for a carpet cleaner anymore – Choose Geelong Rug Spa, Geelong’s only dedicated rug cleaning service!

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