Rug Washing

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Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula

Remember that feeling?

Do you remember that feeling when you brought your rug home and laid it out for the first time?

When it instantly lit up your room, added a whole new level to your home’s atmosphere and felt divine to touch.

That feeling is what we capture and restore back to your rug at Geelong Rug Spa.

How your rug is washed

Traditionally, rug cleaning in Geelong has been conducted in the home by a carpet cleaner, but this method can generally only treat the surface. It’s a job half-done.

Our state-of-the-art facility is built with speciality equipment built for purpose to give your rug the best and most thorough wash, taking great care to treat its delicate and unique materials.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. We examine your rug, identify the fibres, test for colourfastness, document any issues, and assess the level of cleaning needed
  2. We thoroughly remove dust and dirt through an automated strapped dusting machine or air-dusting equipment
  3. We pre-treat any stains and odours
  4. We apply the highest quality cleaning agents and gently massage the rug’s fibres to loosen dirt and reach the deepest levels, achieving a thorough cleanse
  5. We rinse flush your rug with large volumes of water to thoroughly rinse out the dirt and cleaning agents, then squeegee the rug to remove the bulk of the water. We continue this over and over until we achieve the desired result.
  6. We apply another round of stain and odour treatment if required
  7. We spin your rug out in our centrifuge to remove 97% of the remaining moisture, apply further stain treatment if required, and carry out any additional pampering treatments such as fringe cleaning etc.
  8. We hang your rug in our dedicated drying room and remove any remaining moisture, then apply protection agents, carry out any repair or restoration work required, and other specialised treatments as needed
  9. We give your rug one final pamper, vacuum, and look over before returning it to you

This kind of deluxe treatment is exclusive to professional rug cleaners and simply can’t be achieved by an in-home carpet cleaner.

Why your rug should be cleaned by a rug washing professional

  • Helps to reduce allergens, bacteria, and pollutants
  • Improves the aesthetic and contributes to achieving a clean home
  • Removes odours and unsightly stains
  • Removes dirt and debris your vacuum and carpet cleaner can’t get to
  • Helps to extend your rug’s lifespan
  • Your rug is treated by professionals with specialist training in sensitive rug compositions such as viscose, cotton, and jute
  • Your rug is washed in a purpose-built facility that provides a controlled cleaning environment